Sunday, 31 January 2010

Introduction to Timing and Spacing

Hello everyone

After my animation was submitted under the analytical eye of my mentor, I remade my bouncing ball with his advice in mind.

I evened out the arcs of the ball and worked a bit on the timing making giving a more sudden landing on to the ball. I still find the first arc to need some improvement and the ball probably still holds itself in the air for too long on the second arc. I might remake this one of these days.

This week's assignment was to create a heavy and a light ball bounce in the same scene. I used a ping pong versus a bowling ball. I did some thumb-nailing to plan this project but I based it heavily on life footage.

It was interesting to notice that although people reacted quite well to the ping-pong ball everyone felt that the bowling ball was too bouncy even though I was quite faithful to the live footage. I concluded that animating seems to be combining what is real with what feels right and at the same time I have to correspond to peoples expectations.

Here are my thumbnails, The more I make them the more useful they seem to become. Both of these projects are by far not perfect. I received positive and sharp criticism back from them. The bowling ball fall needs a bit of a tweak when it is falling down. Also I was told how to have the right frames in the right place to improve the ease in and out. I guess I am trusting on Maya graph editor too much.

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