Thursday, 6 May 2010

Walk-Through- Blocking to Final

This is the semi final version of my work, so much to do tough, well I have a hole week to make it look smooth and sort out the time :) I hope it will look nicer then

I am starting to wonder why I give the posts these names... They really don't relate with the work I'm producing, they are more the titles of the video lectures, well I guess it maintains a certain sense of order!

This week I decided to publish a post a little bit earlier because I am feeling that I'm not having enough results on my block test, so if anyone wants to leave some feedback about this animation, specially around frames 78 to 129 . Anything will be welcome

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  1. sorry i put this on vimeo by accident! nice work, i dont no if this a bit late but the jump at the end on frames 92 could be exaggerated more so it clearly shows hes jumping over the ledge beacause it meeses with your eyes as its a bit awkward to see if hes in front or behind it