Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Introduction to Walks

Hello everyone

This is the work made on my week 8 of animation mentor. This time around we were given "Ballie", a cute little ball with legs that we were supposed to do a block test of a vanilla walk. Vanilla walk stands for the generic template walk, so this block test has to show the least personality possible.

Well this is the planning that I have made to create the walk cycle, more and more I find drawing to be the best way to start animating. I guess it's because the more I draw the easier it becomes, and it's way faster than posing characters...

Speaking of posing characters, here are my weekly pose sketches. This time around I used my pen tablet, It is not as expressive as a proper pen and paper I find, but it is easier to correct your work which makes up for it. Who knows maybe one day I'll be good at using it.

I'm kinda pleased with my Stu pose but The suggestions of my tutor were very good I might redo this one for next week

I was unsure if I should my revision file or not. I am really not happy with the result, but the objective of this blog more of a diary than anything else, so all things considered I will pot it. In the future I might find it amusing rather than annoying.

I really hope I get the chance to work on it again, I really want to get the grip on overlapping, action.

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